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Trendy 3piece- How to Combine palazzo/Dhoti/Lehenga With Coats/Capes

In these days enormous One and all knows what is contemporary 3 piece multipurpose attire, that’s why everybody wants to check either these attire’s are there in their own wardrobe or not, moreover, Whom doesn’t like to look stylised in their life’s.

These fashionable, multipurpose 3 piece attires are works like as a disparate manner, that’s why these are now in trend, rather than we check how it will be working.

In brief, explaining about palazzo,dhotis,slim pants/culottes, lehengas and finally sarees.

At the first, palazzo/sharara pants with crops and coats.

The lavish Layering palazzo/sharara  with crop top & a long shrugs mix is a spellbound combo, it's presence stylish, modish and relaxed too, with small embroidery,prints looks tremendous, additionally, these are suits for brunches, casual ,get togethers.

not only that, in destination weddings the modern brides and bridesmaids most favourite choices are these trendy outfits. 

In this photo, you can see the variation in the palazzo skirt.

To come with,Dhotis with crops and coats/capes

The stylish, fashionable appearance is perfect in dhoti-crop combo. It gives an ethnic appearance in fusion style, perfectly works for stylised persons in traditional parties.

In this picture, 1st one is a variation of dhoti pant with crop and coat, 2,3rd pictures are examples of dhoti sari, these contemporary attire’s are perfect for modern fashion beauties.

the dhoti skirts makes an excellent presence at parties. In this picture, the 1st one is a monochromatic dhoti skirt with cascading shrug,it gives elegant and perfect for slim presence, 2nd one which is a contrast colour combo with embellished jacket presence classic royal look, here 3rd one very stylish elegant ruffled dhoti skirt with beautifully embroidered coat, it’s presence glamorous stylish look. 

All these are the best suits for pre wedding celebrations.

Afterward, tops and slim/culotte pants with jacket.

The Fantastic Fusion chic appeared by tops and slim / culotte pants paring with jacket, they are tremendous, comfortable, trendy bee. It gives a sophisticated chic.

In this picture, 1&3 embroidered slim pants elegance in the parties and weddings.

In the middle , overall plain gives classy, highlighting the embroidery.

Exclusively, in a European chic,you can see slim pants  in denims, prints,  they gives youthful, stylised, moreover,In leather, sporty detailing makes stylish, trendy, casual easygoing styles. Don’t forget,The detailing and fabulous prints have more important for this looks.

Of course,The immense popularity of crop tops with side ruffles and culotte in fashion, it gives youthful, stylised, playful, elegant party presence to the attire.

At least, lehengas with crop tops and coats.

The lavish, fit for a queen look is the appearance of layering lehengas with coats or capes are trendy now. It gives stylised presence in trendy ethnic parties/ festivals. 

In this picture,1st one is lehenga with embellished coat gives a queen look to the brides, these outfits made her day with royal presence, 2nd one is corset style top with  gracefully embossed lehenga with jacket gives glamour touch to parties, 3rd one is beautiful embroidered lehenga with cape, gives the classic appearance to the pre - post wedding celebrations.

In these both monochromatic lehengas from the picture ,1st one is  decent embroidering  lehenga with jacket, suits for weddings, 2nd one is embossing lehenga with constructing detailing jacket, perfectly suits for parties.

Next,these printed lehengas with printed shrug/ coats gives playful attitude, best suits for destination weddings.

Especially, saree  paring with coats/ capes

saree  and blouse  paring with coats/ capes makes a trendy stylish look. The modern women’s favourite choice for coattails and high profile parties.

In this below picture, 1st one  is plain saree with embroidered coat gives royalty in weddings, 2nd one is plain saree with printed  shrug gives an eye catching appearance in weddings, 3rd one is contrasting shrug on saree gives dominating appearance.

Next, 1st & 3rd  one are white-gold combo highlighting the occasion, 2nd one is neutral with white combo, especially the tasseled jacket makes a special mark.

These monochromatic saree  with capes from this picture gives tremendous graceful presence in weddings or  glamorous parties.

By mixing match all these 3pieces dresses invokes furthermore variety of outfits to be elegant, youthful, trendy, feminine, fashionable, stylised, playful, in addition to enhancing glamour by ensemble various trendy accessories are fashionable too.

Feeling extremely happy about to share our views.Hopefully, Take our advice as essentials in your wardrobe.Thank you so much for marvelous people out there, please incorporate your comment below. Moreover, We would like to catch you soon In our next topic.

Stay Tuned,

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