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The Glimpse of Rainy wardrobe 2019

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

Hai, it is very gray and rainy glorious day outside. The elegance of this season is very graceful, joyful and present with fresh feelings to our hearts. By attempting the fresh thoughts come into our mind to implement new ideas. This is our first topic which is about

rainy wardrobe“. Here, we go.

Glimpse about what is in rainy wardrobe, Briefly informs about color tones, stylized silhouettes, includes significance of accessories to enhance lavish attire. Pleased to Initiating with vc chic color palette, categorized into 3types. Pastels, Mid tones, Warm tones.

VC CHIC Color Palette

1)Who doesn't want to look feminine. Pleasing pastels perfectly for them. Lavish lilac, lavender tones are emphasizing femininity, graceful gray gives sophisticated look, soft pinks adorably attractive. 2)Mid tones, quickly moving, mud pink mostly goes on. Electrified acid yellow dominates with grace. Butterscotch, these orange tints gives fresh, playful attitude to the attire. consequently check tints/tones of orange. 3)Warm tones, intellectually pair with other tones. Eden greens, pleases with elegance. Evening blues, with voluminous flow graceful the event. Coffee browns, dignified, sober.

Proceed Next about fabrication, textures and stylized silhouettes.

Elegance and effort wrapped up in rainy winter warmth. Luxurious feel creates to the materials, therefore nylons, transparent material, wool and vintage leather, silk blends in trend.

Truly imagines, If we touch the surface of fabric, we feel the texture So, without that we cannot make the fabrics. Glorious Textures include fine checks, artificial high shine with the Matt natural look, techno fake fur, sporty detailing, shimmers are flavor of the season.

The spectacular Silhouette shapes are Oversized, layer on layer, boxy, asymmetric cutting and design, tone on tone finishes. Antiquated details are gaining ground for a while now. Go through the examples below.

Stylized Silhouettes

Stylized Silhouettes

Proceeds to Accessories , To walk on these grange floor, Must should have heavy boots, they steal the hearts with fearless attitude, defined, significant. The long, lean boots, the classic knee length boots add the elegance to any outfit, they came back in a huge way.

Long, Lean , Heavy Boots

Marvelous Hats looks beautiful, playful and royalty in our attire’s with stylized manner. Bucket hats, especially net bucket hats, from skull caps to swimming caps, these are flavor of this season.

Marvelous Hats

To enhance furthermore, must include Lustrous the long-strap bag, 70’s bourgeois-style shoulder bag, the 70’s cross body bags to graceful attire in the rainy season.

Swing, Long Bags

70’s bourgeois-style shoulder bag, the 70’s cross body bags

In our aw 19, a choker chain, pearl earring's, chunky, waist-cinching belts are incorporating enhance the style of attire. The new idea is this, matching them to your necklace or hairband.

Choker Chains

Waist-cinching Belts

The Matching Sets

Feeling extremely happy about to share our views. Hopefully, Take our advice as essentials in your wardrobe of this season. Thank you so much for marvelous people out there, please incorporate your comment below. Moreover, We would like to catch you soon In our next topic.

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tremendous work

Me gusta

tremendous work

Me gusta

tremendous work

Me gusta

tremendous work

Me gusta
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