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Pantone colour of the year 2020 is “CLASSIC BLUE “.

Based on Pantone, colour of the year 2020 is “CLASSIC BLUE “. Blue is one of the three primary colours of pigments in painting and traditional colour theory, as well as in the RGB colour model. It lies between violet and green on the spectrum of visible light. Let’s start out Today’s our the topic about colour of the year 2020 classic blue “.


The significance of classic blue:

Classic Blue symbolizes “protection, stability, peace, and confidence” and “encourages deep thinking, open mindfulness, and communication.

Coming to the point, Wearing blue colour creates the illusion of a slimmer, must to know about the collaborating colours of classic blue, here we go,

Classic Blue pairs well with a variety of colors, especially

With Bright Whites: Gives classic appearance. (check The Video)

In brief, Poonam Dubey’s cascading blue top with white embroidered lehenga, enhances with blue floral motifs, gives a sophisticated appearance.

In contrast to the Poonam Dubey’s, Blue Layered Anarkali with tiny white motifs, suits for brunches as well as in casual occasions.

White maxi dress with a combination of blue and black porcelain motifs gives a classic style, suits as stylish contemporary appearance.

With Yellows: Gives pleasing attitude to the attire’s.(check The Video)

Yellow with blue border Kanjeevaram saree gives a fresh, bright appearance in weddings.

Anita Dongre’s Blue floral lehenga with a mix of yellow floral motifs gives dashing appearance in any celebrations.

Blue-yellow full length dress gives simple look and suits in simple occasions.

With Greens : Gives great colour combo and enhances furthermore glamorous appearance.

(check The Video)

The Vineet Rahul’s blue lehenga with a lust green blouse gives pleasing appearance.

Papa don’t preach’s blue with light green floor length dress gives a stunning appearance at any event, especially Highlighting with a layered combo of blue on green gives an eye catching Appearance.

The Blue designer lehenga with a green touch embroidery gives the decent festive appearance.

Furthermore, For a modern look, pair Classic Blue (with a cheery yellow or lush green.)

With Cherry Yellows: Gives contemporary fashion appearance.(check The Video)

The Yellow lehenga with a blue blouse gives a fashionable party look.

The traditional Yellow blue saree gives a decent appearance.

Sabyasachi’s Blue lehenga with yellow floral motifs with yellow striped crop top gives stylish, high ended appearance.

With Lush Green: Gives amazing moderately appearance.(check The Video)

Payal khandwala’s 3 different styles as

Blue Banarasi brocade bridal lehenga with a shirt, on top of this lust green raw silk coat gives a sophisticated bridal look.

Blue pant with a green shirt , on top of this lust green coat gives a perfect contemporary style.

Lust Green brocade skirt with a blue top gives a stylish elegant appearance.

Not only that,Classic blue

With Black: gives a dignified appearance.(check The Video)

Tarun tahiliani’s Blue saree with black embroidered border gives a decent appearance.

Charu Parashar’s blue dress creates a stunning look for formal cocktails, moreover beautiful geometric appliqué work creates edgy signature tailored look.

In contrast to Tarun’s blue saree, this Black Saree with blue border gives an elegant appearance.

With gold colour:gives stunning appearance to the attires. (check The Video)

Papa don’t preach’s Western short lehenga with blue crop top with a jacket on top of golden motifs gives a sophisticated style.

Sabyasachi’s Blue lehenga with golden motifs gives a stunning appearance.

Blue dhoti pant with golden embroidered jacket gives a sophisticated appearance.

In this scenario, classic blue in Accessories Or in jewellery enhances stylish of the appearance, such as in scarfs, bags, shoes, caps, and plenty more.

In addition to, blue makeup rocks at parties.

So try to include “ classic blue “ in your closet.

Feeling extremely happy about to share our views.Hopefully, Take our advice as essentials in your Closet.Thank you so much for marvelous people out there, please incorporate your comment below. Moreover, We would like to catch you soon In our next topic.

Stay Tuned,

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