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In these days every person has knowledge on fashion outfits, even so, as often as not confusion comes in our mind about plenty disparate styles of attires come into the fashion industry/market, furthermore, people wish to clarity information about wear/purchase of outfits? Isn’t it. In this scenario,Today topic is about “5 minimum essential rules”, in addition to automatically appreciations comes in front of you,

At first, Select the comfortable outfits, every person has their own taste and comfort zones to wear the outfits, this means, at first to chose comfortable outfits, for example some people are interested in western wear, other are in ethnic wear, more than that few are interested in teens look like so, therefore, select your comfortable look, moreover particularly use this tip, avoid other person’s advise, even they unable to know your comfort more than Yourself.

Next in, Select the color, this step is very important, hence the color enhances the look, consequently, select the color based on your skin undertone, which color is perfect to your undertone is another topic already discussed in another video, the link is in the description box, back to the point, select the proper color whether it is a cool/warm/ both colors as you like based on the seasons/ trends, why it so? Based on the seasons, being fresh, trendy and fashion colors in your closet.

On the same note, Think about the occasion, The wonderful, candid moments of memorable occasion are key role in this total topic, moreover, Based on occasions, to follow the rules, every person even knows that, for example attending the events like weddings, get together, cocktails, plenty more, at weddings, preferring to appear in traditional attire rather than in long sequence outfit, right, not only that even cocktail parties also like the same rule to apply, definitely every occasion have their own procedure whether day/night celebrations, so follow the procedure of the occasion.

Coming to the point, Fabric selection, In the above manner fabric selection also in a similar way to follow like depends on the occasion, in example, in holiday vacations, preferred fabrics are chiffon's, Georgette, even cotton, furthermore, at weddings raw silk, silks, velvet's are everywhere, so follow the procedure of the occasion.

Finally, proper Embroidery, every above rule to apply for preparing properly, whether embroidery is not well to fit the outfit, the appearance of the attire totally gone off, in additionally, careful to select the proper embroidery suits to your outfits, for example, the tiny amount of embroidery suits great on the occasion such as brunches, get together, but at wedding brunches, few more embellishments required such as sequences, beaded, stones are great, furthermore, lets follow the pleasing embroidery to the elegant attires.

All these 5 essential rules to follow, the total attire enhances well in your appearance. Bonus tip, finally don't forget to style yourself with the beautiful accessories and jewellery to enhance the look, moreover, in this session, based on a theme of the occasions rule to follow its gives perfect presence of jewellery. In example, in brunches use fashion accessories, at weddings chandbali, jhumkas are great, furthermore, in parties CZ, diamond is presence elegant appearance. so, follow all 5 rules and bonus tip, look to be gorgeous and elegant.

Feeling extremely happy about to share our views.Hopefully, Take our advice as essentials in your Closet.Thank you so much for marvelous people out there, please incorporate your comment below. Moreover, We would like to catch you soon In our next topic.

Stay Tuned,

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