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The beautiful monsoon season has cold winds, wet climate and this is the rainy season of the all season of the year, moreover, monsoon gives fresh feelings, energy, so in this season pick up the attire’s properly by using based on fashion trends gives stylish appearance.

Let’s get started Fundamentally, in monsoon season we have to use some tiny tips to make you feel comfortable with the style, consequently choose the choice of the fabrics also important, for that, to avoid heavy fabrics such as denims, velvet ,Maybe the fabrics are drenched, they take long time to dry, so stick to lighter fabrics.

Following are the monsoon outfits for fabrics and different silhouettes

Fabrics—- Pure cotton, mul, chiffon, nylon, gabardine(suits, pants,coats,skirts), lightweight silks

Silhouettes——- free A-line dress, khaki sarees, midi skirts, culottes, cropped pants, straight fit kurta, ankle length pant, layers,

Colour—— darker colours, dark blue,brown,grey...neon colour layers and accessories

In this scenario, for easy way to understand topic divide into 2parts, casual and semi casual, wedding and parties

At first, casual and semi casual

The casual style is going every day in our life, little bit more comfortable and stylish to follow the fashion trends, moreover in this picture from left to right go with fabric, silhouette and colour selection,

In the 1st snap peach printed crape silk fabric straight slit kurta with cotton culotte pant, similar way peach printed silk kurta on organza embroidered coat with cropped pant, next with yellow cotton a-line dress with checked embroidered coat, use coat/jacket/shrug is layered silhouette style, next with violet cotton saree with crop top enhance stylish look, after that white and red combo printed silk scallop hemline skirt with wrap belt presence classic look, at last the (neutral )nutral and coral combo of pure khadi cotton hot pant with gathered halter Top enhances teens look.

The semi casual style is going to be smaller occasions such as brunches, get togethers, galentine's day meet-ups, not only that use the right style to follow the fashion trends,

In the 1st snap light chocolate colour with half white silk fabric 3 piece dress with crop top, culotte pant and organza coat enhance stylish appearance, in the same manner brown silk fabric top with organza layered shirt, cropped pant with printed shrug gives elegant appearance, next with pink Badhini silk printed fabric asymmetric top with dhoti gives stylish appearance, after that peach silk fabric embroidered skirt with crop top enhance classic style, at last yellow khadi cotton embroidered cowl dress with wrap belt enhance stylish appearance.

Finally going to, weddings and parties

The special occasions are going to be glamour, traditional and grandeur, little bit more comfortable and stylish to follow the fashion trends, moreover in the above manner, for the snap from left to right go with fabric, silhouette and colour selection,

At parties, in the 1st snap light blue chiffon fabric pleated a-line dress with top embroidery and ruffled collar enhances glamour to the occasion, next with the grey, navy blue combo crape silk fabric dhoti saree with embroidered blouse and cropped pant enhance style to the attire and gives stylish appearance, next with sky blue and half white combo organza, silk fabric halter embroidered kurta with skirt looks elegant, classic appearance, after that the blue,pink,red silk fabric with badhini printed kurta and ankle length prints gives simple, elegant appearance, finally the grey cotton fabric saree with silver zari border and silk printed crop top looks to stylish and elegant.

At weddings, In the 1st snap graceful green silk fabric asymmetric kurta with ankle length embroidered pant and embroidered duppata was classic, stylish and appearance, next with the neon pink silk fabric 3 piece attire with crop top,embroidered jacket and cropped slim pant looks stunning on wedding occasions, next with light blue chiffon fabric layer ruffled skirt with embroidered coat and wrap belt enhances grandeur presence, after that ivory, red and gold combo Chanderi silk fabric saree with appliqué work grace to the occasion, finally the maroon red silk fabric a-line embroidered attire with wrap belt gives grace appearance.

Use the above all tips with that to style the proper accessories too, for that

Preferred jewellery—- go for minimal, dainty Jewellery, colourful beaded,plastic jewellery will work as great add-ons,a broad cuff or small studs would be enough, moreover to avoid metallic or wooden jewellery/accessories, do not over accessorise a bright statement neck piece, furthermore carry the right bag like leather is good one, more options canvas totes,vinyl handbags,transport hobos,faux leather clutch.

Get the right kind of clothing and it will give you the chic look to this monsoon season.

Feeling extremely happy about to share our views.Hopefully, Take our advice as essentials in your Closet.Thank you so much for marvelous people out there, please incorporate your comment below. Moreover, We would like to catch you soon In our next topic.

Stay Tuned,

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