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“Festival shimmer’s must in the palette”-F/W 19-20 Shimmer makeup trends

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

Hai, welcome to thevcchic, fashion designer and stylish, I privilege as a fashion adviser to improve fashion skills and improvise fashion sense of your life, Festivals and party’s are special occasions anywhere in the world, definitely on those occasions one and all want to makeover on apparel’s, accessories and finally makeup, consequently, we want to convey with overall appearance should present in fantastic, elegant, glamour and stylish manner, for that today discussing the topic is the eye makeup “festival shimmer’s must in the palette”.

The beautiful glamour face necessarily needs eye makeup, today we will go through in that manner, additionally, are you looking for new eye makeup styles, wishing to be totally adorable and more attention from the surroundings, therefore, let’s follow the chic stunning festival shimmer eye makeup designs.

Natural With Shimmer

Apply throughout the lid with natural colors likely brown’s, pink’s, champagne, Beiges depends on the skin tone and blend it out, after that correspondingly(brown/pink/any shade) apply the medium shade to the crease line and deeper shade the outer v and lower lash line, consequently, to highlighting with the shimmer shade applying for the center of the lid, moreover apply lower lash line and upper lash line likely eyeliner to enhance the beauty. Not only that, in the simplifying manner only applies throughout the lid with shimmer shades it is also enhancing the natural beauty.

Colorful Shimmers

Likely above manner, apply greens,pinks,blue, red and plenty more vivid shades presents an eye catching appearance.

Sparkling Glitters

In the above manner, apply throughout the lid.

Apply the lower line as eyeliner.

Similarly, Apply the upper lash line likely eyeliner wing.

Apply crease line.

Apply inner corner to centre of the lid.

Golds & Silvers

Specially essential likes silver and gold are present the key role in highlighting the glamorous appearance.

Stunning Indian Wedding and Outfits

The beauty of the eyes creates the presence of the glamour and stunning views,so rock with unique style in grandeur Indian weddings.

In fashion, makeup trends fall, winter 19-20:shimmer-glitter eye shadow

From left to right as shown in the picture below,

The monochromatic look lips and eyelids, apply with the same shade in glittery way.

Apply throughout the eyelids with glitter .

Similarly, Apply throughout the eyelids with shimmer .

Apply center of the eyelids and lower lash line.

Finally, Apply throughout the eyelids likely eyeliner wing.

Feeling extremely happy about to share our views. Hopefully, Take our advice as essentials of this season. Thank you so much for marvelous people out there, please incorporate your comment below. Moreover, We would like to catch you soon In our next topic.

Stay Tuned,

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