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Fall/ Winter 2020-2021 Makeup Trends

Updated: Jan 1, 2021

The fall 2020 makeup trends maybe have been a little more moderate than in previous seasons, but they still had a lot of charm, furthermore, When it came to complexion trends, there was a lot of play around to apply the base and other techniques for the complexion,not only that, for the eye makeup wasn’t extravagant,but still a lot of creativity is there, additionally,to enhance our beauty with lipsticks, but At most, the fall/ winter 2020-2021 makeup trends might inspire you to pick up some low-investment items an aubergine lipstick/ blue eyeshadow, but we have some reds and golds in our beauty container.



# No Foundation

The runways, many more makeup artists skipped the foundation and continuing normal complexion as much as possible,of course, with the “Glossier” aesthetic being common on the runways for a few seasons.

At the snap, At Salvatore Ferragamo, went for a look she described as “strong” with bare faces and just a bit of natural lip color to allow the clothes to really speak for themselves.

The look at Proenza Schouler was purposefully minimalistic,furthermore, a hint of concealer and highlight, but overall the face shined, looking clean and naturally luminescent.

Similarly, at Rocha’s look described as a bare face with natural lipstick and bushy brows, it has always been iconic.

# Dewy Complexion

dewy skin was an extension of the bare-faced trend, while in others, it was just a way of making made-up skin look less made up, but dewy complexion isn’t going anywhere, with glossy highlights coming back for the fall 2020 beauty trends. specially, it’s a favourite makeup for who wants moisturised face makeup beauties.

The dewy effect at Victoria Beckham, traditional highlighter with a face gloss, which made the face looks naturally healthy in natural finishing.

At loewe, we saw a dewy complexion with a combination of lots of moisturizer and just a hint of powder highlighter, and, of course, minimal-to-no setting powder.

We also saw luminescent and glowy skin at boss.

# Rosy

This was one of the more adorable twists on light or bare fall/ winter 2020 makeup trends, A hint of neutral pink on the cheeks or lids is a quick and easy way of making the complexion look more youthful and livelier, which is perfect for countering the cold weather.

At Michael Kors, the blush applied generously to the cheeks, while the rest of the makeup remained very soft and natural.

The look at Missoni was a bronzed rose smokey eye with matching lips and no mascara. To give it an artsy twist, and also had an elongated line of eyeliner drawn on beneath their lower lash line.

And also we have Made-Up Complexion it’s more use of foundation,counter,highlight,an anther one Classic No-Makeup Makeup its have makeup but no makeup.

Eye Makeup

# Smokey Eye Makeup

The grungy look for the fall 2020 makeup trends were as dark and smudgy as any reformed Goth or punk would like, but a colorful one, with a smudgy and smokey yellow-green eyeshadow that applied in a rectangular shape to add that much-needed purposeful effect.

The black smokey eye at Max Mara was extra smudgy and messy, almost to the point where it appeared to tear-stained. If you’re not a blending pro, this look should be pretty easy to achieve.

We also saw some grunge-inspired makeup looks at Emilio Pucci.

One more smokey eye is brown smokey eye, it has the same sultry effect as a black one, but it’s not as dark or intense, which makes it more suitable in nearly all circumstances.

At Givenchy applied the overall shape was extremely classy, with the shadow blended into the crease, the outer corner of the eye, and under the lash line in a smokey and eye-elongating shape.

# Gold Glam

Metallics ruled on the runways for the fall/ winter 2020-2021 makeup trends, with gold as the king.

Gold used at Tom Ford but slightly smokier look, with a more saturated gold on the lid, a slightly metallic brown in the crease, and a healthy layer of smudged black eyeliner all around the eye.

For Christian Cowan, used gold to create glamorous eyeshadow looks paired with metallic lips, as well as more conceptual face paint.

But at Nicole miller also applied the gold eyeshadow under the lash line.

We are also seeing some more eyeshadows Jewel tones, glitter eyes, appliqués, Neon Brights, Classic Blue Eyeshadow.



# The Outer Wing & Winged Liner

nstead of that upward pointing winged eyeliner that’s only applied to the top lash line, makeup artists instead brought the wing a hint lower to connect it to the underliner, and in general, made sure to emphasize the outer corner of the eye. The most interesting eyeliner trend to inspire your fall 2020 makeup ideas was what we’re calling an outer wing.

At Christian Dior, We saw a thicker and slightly smudged example of this eyeliner.

-Winged eyeliner

The eyeliner technique has incredible longevity, and for the fall/ winter 2020-2021 makeup trends, it showed up mostly in the form of larger-than-normal wings.

At Dolce & Gabbana, the classic side beautiful look is which included thin and sharp winged eyeliner along with either dark, or red lips. The winged eyeliner at Rag & Bone was extra-long and dramatic. It was exactly the kind of intense wing that looked so sharp it could cut.

Finally, we spotted some elegant, retro-inspired wings at the time-traveling Marc Jacobs show.

Not only that we have some more eyeliners are there such as Floating Crease Liner, Artsy Black Liner, Gold Leaf.

Spiky Lashes & Colorful Mascara

Spiky lashes are Spiky lashes are dramatic and wonderfully effective for opening up the eye, giving a doll eye effect that is not overly sweet.

-But in the snap we are seeing “Colourful mascara

Makeup artists had fun with colorful mascara almost as much as they did with eyeshadow.

We spotted quite a few models sporting hot pink mascara at Off-White, along with an otherwise very clean face.

At Ulla Johnson, the eye makeup look consisted of blue lashes and brown eyeshadow, a color combination that is reminiscent of the earth and sky.

Bushy Brows

Models with bushy brows have always been iconic, and for the fall 2020 makeup trends, makeup artists celebrated them with feathery brow-filling techniques and lots of upward brushing.

At Rochas, was definitely going for “bushy” and “feathery” brows, where the brows weren’t darkened but just strengthened with a bit of product, furthermore, Brows were also emphasized and fluffed up, where they complemented a very natural beauty look.

We have Oddly Defined Brows also there.

Lip Makeup

Bitten lips, Hot Red Lips, Dark Lips, Glossy Lips, but in the snap few are three let’s follow,

# Hot Red Lips

HOT RED LIPS are On the runways, red lips make perfect sense. They stand out, even from a distance, they add glamour but will never look dated, and they can help punctuate or add differentiation on runways where most of the makeup is more natural.

At The effect was retro-glam at Marc Jacobs as well, where a few models also sported red lips at D&G, Also we are seeing at Ralph&Russo.

# Dark Lips

Dark lipstick was a very important part of the vampy fall 2020 makeup looks. During this season, we have the option of leaving them matte or topping them with some gloss.

We are seeing at Anna Sui, dark lipstick with the jewel eyeshadow look. At Emilio Pucci, we have clearly seen matte dark lipstick shade, finally, at Laquan smith’s, dark glossy lips highlighted.

Other lipsticks in following snap,


Feeling extremely happy about to share our views.Hopefully, Take our advice as essentials in your Makeup.Thank you so much for marvelous people out there, please incorporate your comment below. Moreover, We would like to catch you soon In our next topic.

Stay Tuned,

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