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Fall/Winter 19-20 Makeup Trends

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

In these glorious autumn season To look glamorous, feminine must to include the minimal list of beauty trends, the essential issue is being fashionable bee,every woman must know about the latest beauty trends to enhance furthermore her glamorous appearance.

Accordingly, Mentioning below with present beauty trends of AW2019. Let’s get started.

1. Youthful blush

Elegant pink blush by the touching slightly on the face to glance glamorous, extra natural, cohesive youthful look, accordingly, fetches the shades of neutral pinks, peaches blush on your face.

2.Dewy skin

To initiating with prep the skin with moisturizer and hydrating in winters,by emphasizing skin with extra moisture, healthy and hydrating to look dewy in glorious autumns.


To wear natural, casual outgoing makeup precepts are classy, no over drama, playful, fresh, undoubtedly this No-makeup looks or minimum makeup look best fits in winters, therefore, applying minimal makeup with light, sheer foundation, no extra shadings, by applying petite Nourishing natural shades are the key to No-makeup look.

4.Smudging eye shadow

By smudge eyelid as water coloring effect is one of the present technique in autumn/winter 19, moreover, not only with black, browns, other colors like popping pinks,hot coral dashing voguish in ultra modern chic.

5. Say No to extreme feminine

By the application of fabulous Pink, lavish lavender colours on eyelids, furthermore, darkening corners of eyes and on the crease line, altogether gives spectacular effect, finally, the feminine acquires less importance of aw19.

6. Simple to Dramatic wings

Continuously focus on the ultra modern Simple wing is classy, sophisticated, furthermore, With extra generated flow of the ravish wing gives much more playful, confident, dramatic, stylised to the glance in aw19 beauty trends.

7.Popup with pretty colours

Quite often see, by colouring eyelids or eyeshadow with modish vibrant colours such as appealing greens, glamorous blues, pleasing pinks, elegant peaches, furthermore, to attach something playfulness, joyfulness by enhancing the glamour chic with the perfect blend of Bronzing and blush.

8. Voluminous eyelashes

Certainly, to attach further drama to any look,voluminous colorful mascara is ravishing trend in aw19 look,consequently, play with colors such as vibrant blues, dashing whites or voluminous lashes creates uniqueness to the look.

9.Glossy/Red/Berry Lips

Glossy lips: The lustrous, glamour, shiny, sexy glossy lips are popping up of this season,more often it lust to more hydrating , dewy with satin to matte finishes.

Red lips: The classic red lip chic never goes out the fashion trends, consequently, the significance of red lips is vibrant, bright, sexy, dashing appearance to extremely attractive too.

Berry lips: Definitely, the cool, marvelous berry lips contributes outstanding presence to the flattering lip choices, moreover, it especially works for all skin tones.

Feeling extremely happy about to share our views. Hopefully, Take our advice as essentials of this season. Thank you so much for marvelous people out there, please incorporate your comment below. Moreover, We would like to catch you soon In our next topic.

Stay Tuned,

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nice work


chil s
chil s
Jan 19, 2020

good tips

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