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Ethnic Wear - How To wear

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

The epic, phenomenal country such as India, the incredible connection between places and Art’s influences the people who live there, moreover, The art diverted into ethnicity. “Ethnic” the elegance of the word itself, telling about the culture, tradition, Moreover, it shows the inventiveness of our art’s, among various disparate cultures of the art’s places key role in fashion, furthermore, every chic having its own dress code,how to elect the correct attire for the occasion, therefore, vc chic here to guide you in that manner, So let get started.

Initiating with Fairly festival In a tremendous country such as India with different traditions, cultures, therefore, the festival celebrates beautifully and individual way, either, though, mainly differ north and south cultures are there.

On that way, festival apparel’s in the north, ghagra/lehenga, Anarkali,salwars and several garments,

disparate art as pashmina, Phulkari, Kullu, panchcchuli weave and plenty works,

similar manner in south, sari, dhotis, half sari and plenty garments,

disparate art, namely kanjivaram, kalamkari, Mysore silk list goes on,

So the list endlessly saying about festival attires in east, Muga silks, ERI SILKS, pachra handloom, JAMDANI , Puans (wrap around the skirt) list goes on,

in the west, namely mirror work, bandini, KUTCH WORK, paithani List goes on.

Proceeding to Sparkling parties In these types of parties intermixture of western and ethnic are popping up. That’s why, embellishments namely sequence, beaded, mirror, zardosi, embroidery, stone work the list goes on endlessly.

On that way cocktail, get together, bday parties and endlessly/ plenty more parties are there, furthermore, these types of parties are glamour, classics and sparkling too.

Next about, Grace of guest The significant persons are guest’s give grace to the occasion, therefore guest attire gives key role in the fashion, that’s the reason bridal maid attire’s, friends/guest’s outfits are in fashion.

Furthermore, particular thin rules to implement these type of appeals, correspond to do, not much over drama playing with fabrics, embellished and plenty detailing of garments. Following pictures are examples.

At last, Play with plains In any spectacular session Plains are gains, that’s the reason designers going to play with plain colors. For that to wore particular color took specific special space in any special occasions such as pre/ post wedding celebrations,

categories as White, Ivory, gold, silver and black,

furthermore, to wore a tone on tons, contrast, complimentary colors, moreover it gives glamour, attention and funky to the attire.

Feeling extremely happy about to share our views. Hopefully, Take our advice as essentials of this season. Thank you so much for marvelous people out there, please incorporate your comment below. Moreover, We would like to catch you soon In our next topic.

Stay Tuned,

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tremendous work......i like all....hehehe


tremendous work......i like all....hehehe


vc chic
vc chic
Dec 04, 2019

Hello guys, Which one is your favorite ethnic wear, let me know. If you want more ethnic wear advises dropping your query in the below/Site/Email.

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