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Autumn Winter Trends 19-20

Based on striking fashion trends, consequently, in every striking year, thevcchic updates 2 videos on trends which are Spring - Summer fashion trends and Autumn- Winter fashion trends, about apparel, fabrication, prints and textures, to enhance furthermore with styling with accessories. According,we are presenting Autumn-Winter Fashion Trends 19-20.


Fascinating in glorious autumn-winter, rarely seen glowing sun in the sky, moreover, the wonderful warm, welcoming foggy, sprinkled snow, hailing snow flakes are appearing, necessarily it’s Exciting time for organising stylish apparel in warmth wardrobe once again in this aesthetic season, hence, at this point of time, every fashion lover craved to know about the autumn winter fashion trends , elate to say about directly get into our topic “Autumn-Winter Fashion Trends “.

At first, have a brief glimpse about the essentials, colourful color theme, stylised silhouettes with prints and textures, Furthermore, attaching glamour to your attire by choosing the appropriate accessories.

Pleased to Initiating with vc chic color palette,categorised into 3types.Pastels, Mid tones,Warm tones.


1)The feminine Pastels are,


Gray gives the grace , Metallic shimmer silver is shiny, classy appearance gives by Vanilla custard , Soft pink gives sensuous, Cream de peach is eye catching , lavish light lilac are adorably attractive. The preference fabrics are chiffon’s, silk, georgette, satin.


2)Mostly suitable Mid tones are,


Neutral Tannins, Antique Moss is attractive, Electrified Acid Yellow, beautiful Butter scotch, Peach pink gives classy uniqueness, Aurora pink gives a pleasant appearance to the attire. The preference fabrics are raw silk, georgette, satin, and silks.


3)Finally, Wonderful Warm tones are


elegant Hazel gives sophisticated appearance, Chicory coffee brown is dashing, Elegant Eden green is attractive, Evening blue gives royalty, Fabulous Fruit Dove is fresh and feminine, Marvelous Merlot dominates the entire occasion with grace. The choice of fabrics is velvet, raw silk, pure silks and suit materials.


Proceed Next about fabrication,textures,and stylised silhouettes.


The Elegance and effort wrapped up in aesthetic autumn winter warmth. Luxurious feel creates to the materials, therefore nylons, see through materials, transparent material, wool and silk blends, vintage leather, Lycra, jersey, supple cotton in trend.


Truly imagines,If we touch the surface of fabric, we feel the texture, without that we cannot make the fabrics, therefore,Textures include fine checks, washed out effects, techno fake fur, brushed, padded or quilted, sporty detailing, sequins, artificial high shine with the Matt natural look, cleverlay layered, shimmering and sparkling surfaces are flavour of the season.


The Fabulous prints like to embroidered with print, patchwork with print, multicoloured, comic, geometric print patterns arrive.


The preferred Silhouette shapes are Oversized, meant for comfortable and easy going.


Layer on Layer, These silhouettes are voluminous, different in style and trendy too.


Boxy silhouettes opt for contemporary wear with style.


Asymmetric designs, Who wants look to be different, unique style.


Antiquated details such as bows, ruffles and leg-of-mutton sleeves have been gaining ground for a while now.


Also included modern, sleek tailoring, tone on tone finishes.

Proceeds to Accessories, in explaining manner,simplified into boots, hats, bags and girls favorite dazzling jewellery.


To walk on these grange floor, Must should have heavy boots, mention in the right Dior’s heavy boots, they steal the hearts with fearless attitude, defined, significant. To the left, Fendi’s the long, lean boots, the classic knee length boots add the elegance to any outfit, they came back in a big way.


Totally, in contrast to the above, traditional ladylike accessories, the Kitten heel and the Mary Jane had a significant presence with a stylish appearance.


Marvelous Hats looks beautiful, playful and royalty in our attire’s with stylized manner. Furthermore, From left to right Bucket hats, especially net bucket hats, fedoras, skull caps, beanies,


netted veils, Fascinators, furry hats, and also swimming caps, deerstalkers to snoods there are flavor of this season.


To enhance furthermore, waist bags, the 70’s cross body bags, Lustrous the long-strap bag, clutch bags, furry bags & purses, 70’s bourgeois-style shoulder bags are consequently grace to the attire, that’s the reason we must include in the autumn winter season.


The Seventies are “a thing” for autumn – but don’t overlook the Eighties, And its chunky, waist-cinching belts are incorporating enhance the style of attire. .


At last, in girl’s favourite dazzling jewellery, In our aw 19, of course, A choker chain, it’s attractive and sat center of stage of aesthetic autumn, winter catwalks, and also shiny choker is attractive.


The pearl earring's dominance on the autumn catwalks. The baroque pearl earring showcased.At Burberry, pearls set in oyster shells hanging from models' ears;

Burberry, pearls set in oyster shells ha
baroque pearl earring3in1

meanwhile Prabal Gurang created Tassled ear cages; and Chanel’s heart-shaped drops would look pretty in any jewelry box.

Prabal Gurang Tassled ear cages
Prabal Gurang Tassled ear cages1rtA

The 80’s are still coming for your jewellery box. all loveable a statement, but the new idea is this: matching them to your necklace or hairband,


as seen at Chanel, Moschino and Paco Rabanne. Don’t dial down the glamour just yet.


Feeling extremely happy about to share our views.Hopefully, Take our advice as essentials in your wardrobe of this season.Thank you so much for marvelous people out there, please incorporate your comment below. Moreover, We would like to catch you soon In our next topic.

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